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Diversity & Inclusion

Our global community.

Hogarth is committed to creating a welcoming, open and respectful workplace for everyone, where voices are heard, and no one is overlooked.

Our D&I community is dedicated to enhancing the wellbeing of each and every employee so they have the opportunity to excel in their careers.

Working closely with the leadership team, the group adheres to five core pillars:


A commitment to hiring a diverse workforce and helping every single employee to flourish in their role.


Build and maintain an inclusive culture in every Hogarth office through training, inclusive leadership and dedicated events.


Provide a work-life balance to employees so that wellbeing and agile working is at the forefront.

Cultural Exchange

Learning from Hogarth’s diverse workforce to teach and bring about change by sharing cultural events and experiences across all offices.


Offering opportunities to educate and help staff connect with colleagues around the world.

our global community

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