How long will it take you to step in? Violence against women and girls starts with words. Proud to share our 2023 work with Mayor of London and Ogilvy UK, 'Maaate'. 

In 2022, Mayor of London encouraged men to ‘#HaveAWord’ when they witnessed misogyny among their friends in the celebrated marketing campaign. This year The Mayor of London suggests what that word could be: Maaate. One word innovatively seeded into popular culture using fly posters, billboards, a Romesh Ranganathan comedy set, a GIF, a partnership with LADBible and influencers - all leading towards a seamless interactive film with 270 possible narratives, shot by Koby Adom in collaboration with Vimeo. 

Say maaate to a mate shows how a simple, familiar word can be all you need to interrupt when a friend is going too far without making things awkward, ruining the moment or putting your friendship at risk.