Gigafast background image



Fast and reliable internet is an essential utility for everyone.

The Gigafast product is a domestic service that is 25 times faster than traditional broadband. A key audience for this product is gamers of bill-paying age who demand fast and reliable connections.

We created new, in-game, enhanced features to push them to achieve faster times than ever before. The execution was all completed through Fortnite itself, using the game’s internal building blocks to create the branding and speed zones – something which had not been done before by anyone else. The challenge for players was to complete the course as fast as possible. In return, the player who achieved the speediest time would receive a cash prize plus the chance to challenge Ali-A, the UK’s No. 1 Fortnite YouTuber, to a race-off in the final.


Creative agency: Hogarth
Production Agency: Hogarth
Media Agency: EssenceMediacom